We're a bunch of nerds.  Just. Like. You.

Pips Mountain is brought to you from the team at Box Mountain LLC.  We've got lots of hobbies.  3D Printing is a big one.  You might know us from our popular 3D Printing Sampler box, Maker Box.   You might know our co-owner Matt from the 3D Printing company he founded in 2013, Printed Solid.  Or perhaps you've purchased dice from our other co-owner Mike at CatMonkey Games  

Now we're excited to offer a product around another one of our hobbies; gaming.  

While Pips Mountain is a new product in our portfolio , you should rest assured that we are e-commerce and subscription box veterans.  

Your box will ship on time every month.


Meet our team

Mike O

The COO of Box Mountain and the inspiration behind Pips Mountain.  His job is to make sure all of our products are made on time and shipped to you on time.  Don't even try to spell his last name.  We don't.

When he's not spending his time buying big bundles of dice to put in bags for Pips Mountain, he spends his time buying boxes with dice in them for his own use.

Matt Gorton

The CEO of Box Mountain.  He makes sure that all our bills get paid.  He also makes sure that all of our product arrives on time every month and that all your support questions are addressed before you think to ask them.

Anita, Fairies, and Oompa Loompas

If you follow Maker Box on social media you will occasionly see captured images of the Fairy Princesses and an occasional Oompah-Loompah that help us out. You will probably be seeing more of them as they sneak in and help out with Pips Mountain also. 

So, now you know who we are...

Are you ready for all those shiny math rock that go kliky klack?