The Monthly Dice Calendar Box

You will receive a box containing 30 sealed pouches, each one with numbered for the day and containing a single mystery die. 

 Guaranteed one (1) matching seven-piece poly set in each box! 

The other 23 will be randomly selected cool dice of random sidedness.

No boring, standard colored opaques. 

A true random selection of all different sided dice (not just a bunch of 6s)

No Factory Seconds

 Marble, Translucent, Glitter, Pearl Swirl, Opalescence, Galaxy, Jade, Layered, New Releases (like Pastels), Iridescent, Luminous, Snowglobe, Vampire, Glow-in-the-Dark, etc.

If you love it, you can even sign up for a shipment every month at a discount!

How It Works

1. Order Your Calendar Box.

2. Your Box gets Delivered.

(Who knew stock photo models loved dice so much?!)

3. Yes. It's that Simple.

What people say about Pips Mountain

Look like 11/10 dice

@the_real_fibby - Insgagram

Opening new dice every day has certainly been the highlight of my mornings...  

@SpiderQueen8  - Instagram

My Kids are loving the box of shiny math rocks! 

@swzura  -  Twitter